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Twitter as the good guy

When the PRISM scandal broke a few weeks ago a lot of tech companies were caught in bed with the NSA. But Twitter has come out of it looking like heros.

They were not one of the tech companies giving info to the NSA (at least not yet) and today I woke up to an email from Twitter with a nice little nugget buried at the bottom.

Apparently, Twitter respects Do Not Track requests and even has an option to turn off tailored Promoted Tweets.


Since when?

I’m not sure if this is old news or if Twitter is trying to ride the PRISM good will wave as far as it can. Either way I’m happy about it.

To change those things go to Twitter and click on settings wheel on the top right. Go down to Settings and uncheck the boxes below. Also make sure your browser’s settings have Do Not Track turned on.


Very few companies that I know of respect the Do Not Track request, but it’s a start.

To be fair, I would bet that Twitter is still collecting and selling A LOT of user data. Because that’s how they make money and I can’t blame them for that.

At least they’re trying to appear transparent.

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