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Not your average firework photos

Here are my eight selects from my D.C. fireworks take.

My goal was to come away with something that no one else had.

These were shot with a Canon T2i and 50 mm lens.

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Inaug Blog: Busy day

Well, today was it.

And I’m not sure I really shot to my fullest potential. It was a good day, but I’m not terribly excited with my take.

Here’s my essay on activism.

Here’s a GoPano of one of the protests.

Here’s a Lytro I took at that same protest. Not sure about it…

I’m also working on a map of simply our posts.

That’s about it for now. More tomorrow night.

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InaugBlog: Ink freezes

Editor’s Note: I wrote this last night but the Internet was sporadic and I decided to wait until this morning to publish.

As I packed up my copious amounts of gear tonight, as well as some clothes, something a friend of mine told me rang in my head.

“Bring some pencils because ink freezes.”

Tomorrow morning I’m off to DIA to began a five day multimedia short course thanks to PBS NewsHour. Myself and 12 other college journalists will be compiling content related to the inauguration on Monday.

Our site, the Inaug Blog will contain all of our stories, photos, video, etc. so please check back on that as the weekend progresses.

I’ll try to post here as much as possible as well.

Already, I have created an interactive Google Map, see below, and hope to embed all of our content in the map as the course goes along. My goal is real-time but I know that probably won’t happen.

In any case, it is what it is.

I’ve successfully packed my clothes and gear by this time. Thanks to Steve Outing and the Digital News Test Kitchen I have quite a bit of gear to haul around.

All my gear

All my gear

Outing generously offered to let me use a GoPro Hero3 with hot shoe mount, Lytro and GoPano iPhone attachment in addition to my GoPro Hero3, Canon 5D Mk II, various lenses, MacBook Pro, iPad and Manfrotto sticks.

GoPro – I plan to mount this on top of my camera in order to create a neat timelapse as well as possibly create an instructional video on how I look for photos.

Lytro – My goal is to simply experiment with the Lytro. See what I think it works well with, see what Lytro doesn’t do well.

GoPano – This iPhone attachment is pretty astonishing. It allows me to take video in 360 degrees and allows the viewer to move around his or her viewpoint. I’m really excited to see how I can use this at protests and other events.

My gear – Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll shoot as many stills and video as I can.

Putting all this together, I kept thinking that ink freezes. Double, triple checking batteries, cards, did I get everything I need? What may I need? What can I leave at home?

I think I got it all.

I threw a few pencils in my bag, even though I hate pencils.

Well, I have to be up in five hours so I’d better hit the hay.

Thanks for your interest in my trip and for your continued support. It really means a lot.

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